Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of using a PROFESSIONAL valeting & detailing specialist?

Those who choose to have their vehicle maintained by a professional valeting company benefit in several ways, including the following...
  • Reassurance, a professional car valeting company will be a legitimate, registered business
  • Will have numerous, genuine reviews from their customers
  • Safe products - Will always use safe, premium brand products on all vehicles
  • Maintains the condition of your vehicle to a high standard to help retain the re-sale value
  • Care and attention - Your vehicle receives 'the extra mile' in terms of attention to detail
  • Customer care - delivering a high quality service, demonstrating in-depth knowledge
  • Will advise on the relevant and correct products to maximise the protection of your car from UV, bird droppings and general road grime, using hydrophobic products
  • Accredited to apply specialist products to your vehicle

What products do you use?

We ONLY use professional, premium brand valeting products from leading  manufacturers such as  Autosmart, Auto Glym,  Meguiars, &  Bilt-Hamber

What happens if the weather is wet or snowy?

More often than not, our customers prefer to receive our services in dry weather. We can still wash and valet vehicles in light rain, however services such as waxing, polishing or hydrophobic treatments are not recommended in such conditions. We are happy to re-arrange your appointment if the weather is particularly adverse, ensuring that you benefit from seeing the end result in finer weather

How much notice do you need for bookings?

We are always extremely busy, Fulfilling new bookings usually takes around two weeks. At busier periods this can be a little longer, we do however try to accommodate your requirements as much as possible. 

Can you remove strong smells or stains from upholstery?
Yes we can, we have professional wet/dry vacuums and steam cleaners which remove strong odours and stains from upholstery and carpets when utilised with professional automotive cleaning products

Can you clean convertible hoods?

Yes, in fact we specialise in the professional cleaning and re-waterproofing of convertible hoods, using high grade products designed for such purposes

Can you remove road tar that is stuck to my paintwork?
Yes, we have several methods to safely remove road tar and road debris without scratching or causing damage to your vehicle

Are there any places that you can't attend my vehicle?
We are unable to attend vehicles parked on a public highway

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash or card payments or you can pay via electronic bank transfer (immediate payment is required)

Can you remove scratches, scuffs and swirl marks* from paintwork?

Yes we can using machine polishing techniques - Depending upon the degree of correction required, we have methods designed to minimise the appearance of unsightly scratches, scuff and swirl marks. 

*What we mean by 'swirl marks' - When using a machine car wash or 'cheap' drive through car washes using inferior products and washing techniques, your vehicle may look nice at the time, however long term results can be very harmful if a vehicle is maintained this way on a regular basis, this is what creates swirl marks on your vehicle and other problems such as alloy wheel lacquer peeling off prematurely.

What should I consider when I make a booking?

We suggest that your vehicle is parked in an area that allows us full access to move around it and that we are able to open all doors (including rear). We also require enough space to park our vehicle close by as this enables us to provide your services. You may find it useful to empty the contents of your boot and remove larger items such as child seats, this allows us to maximise the time we have with your vehicle.

Note: We will require access to a plug socket


Don't need the mobile service? We can offer a 'drop off' service in Knowle if you prefer to leave your vehicle with us and pick it up later in the day

Can you provide a service even if I'm not there?

The answer is yes, all we need is permission and access to your vehicle. A lot of clients leave their keys with a trusted person such as a neighbour or colleague.

How long will it take to valet my vehicle?

We cannot say for sure as this depends on the size and condition of your vehicle prior to us arriving, neglected interiors can take considerable time get back to a presentable condition, therefore an additional fee may be applicable if extra time is needed to complete the job to our high standards. We always agree with you exactly what services are being provided before we commence and then give you an estimated time for us to complete our services

Do you cater for commercial vehicles?

Unfortunately we do not attend commercial vehicles, we specialise in high quality care of prestige and classic vehicles

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