Convertible Roof Maintenance

Cleaning & Re-waterproofing

Convertible roofs are very susceptible to the harsh elements that nature has to offer, therefore it is essential to ensure that fabric roofs are both professionally cleaned to avoid (or remove) green algae and also maintain their hydrophobic properties in order to remain waterproof. 

We are specialists in both cleaning and re-waterproofing convertible roofs, using only the best products and safest techniques to care for any type of vehicle with a convertible roof.

Proper maintenance helps prevent harmful penetration of road grime, salt, leaf gum, and bird droppings into the fibres of your roof

Below: BMW Z4 receiving a decontamination roof clean, followed by 2 x coats of premium waterproofing product.

Mini Cooper (before cleaning & re-waterproofing)

Mini Cooper (After cleaning & re-waterproofing)

We use the very best products to ensure that convertible roofs are cleaned in a safe and effective way.

After re-waterproofing, water should 'bead' onto the roof and roll off. This example is of a recently treated roof.

Below: BMW 2 Series receiving an application of premium waterproofing product after removal of green algae and bird droppings.

We recommend re-waterproofing is completed approximately every three years.

The environment and weather conditions need to be exactly right for this particular process to be effective, therefore we suggest spring & summer are the best times of the year to consider your appointment for this service.

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