Clay Bar Treatment

A clay bar treatment is designed to remove or 'lift' contamination from your vehicle paintwork, this is to provide a contamination free surface which allows easy and effective application of paint protection products such as sealer, wax and hydrophobic detailing products. 

Contamination is defined as things such as tar spots, tree sap, road-debris, bird droppings or any other foreign matter. 

If left, these things can permanently damage vehicle paintwork. These things can also prevent wax and polish from working properly, which means that achieving a glossy shine and full paint protection may be difficult. 

If you wish to protect your paintwork and have a vehicle that looks its very best, then our clay bar treatment is absolutely worth considering.

Prices for a full vehicle treatment starts from £50.00 depending on the size of your vehicle and it's current condition, contact us for a no obligation quotation on 07738 909445 or email us at