Matrix ceramic coating

Unlike traditional car wax or detailing sprays that need to be reapplied every few months, a ceramic coating can last years with proper maintenance.
Matrix Blue and Matrix Black are premium brand ceramic coatings, both products use the latest generation technology to provide ultimate shine, definition, super hydrophobicity and dirt repellence for up to 3 years (Matrix Blue) and up to 8 years (Matrix Black). 

Not only do these coatings offer protection against minor scratches and chips, but they also prevent UV ray damage to the paintwork. This means that your vehicles exterior will ultimately stay looking newer for longer. The secret behind the longevity of ceramic coatings lies in their hydrophobic properties. It creates a barrier that repels water, dirt, dust, and other contaminants. This barrier provides sufficient protection against the elements that threaten the overall aesthetic of a vehicle.

Think of it like having a shield for your car,  it's durable enough to take hits and protect your car over an extended period without any significant damage. Similarly, a ceramic coating strengthens and thickens your vehicle's clear coat by approximately two-fold, providing an added layer of protection against many environmental factors.

We fully prepare all vehicles prior to applying ceramic coatings, this includes...

  • A full decontamination wash
  • Removal of road tar 
  • Machine polishing to remove swirl marks and scratches

Matrix Recharge

Highly durable SiO2 spray coating that creates a hydrophobic high gloss finish. Designed for use with Matrix ceramic coatings to maximise the longevity of Matrix Black / Matrix Blue ceramic coating. We can also apply Matrix Recharge to vehicles that have not received ceramic coating. 

Used as a stand-alone product, Matrix Recharge adds a deep long-lasting shine and offers hydrophobic properties to any quality vehicle paintwork.